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About Unopack

company profile

Unopack Indutries started its commercial production in the year 1999. Since then the Company has grown steadily and has gained very good reputation being a regular and prompt supplier of Plastic packaging materials in the states of Karnataka, Kerala,Goa etc.,

Established in 1999

  • # Over 100+ clients.
  • # Quality oriented.
  • # Satisfied Employees.
  • # Environment friendly.
  • # Top delears in karnataka and kerala.


UNOPACK aims to carry on the business as manufacturers, trader’s dealer’s agents of all kinds of products made of HM/HDPE, LDPE/PP and polymer films, sheets, and packaging materials. We also undertake 6 colours flexographic printing activity on all type of Plastic bags.

  1. To manufacture high quality products using latest technologies and low priced packaging materials for consumer convenience.
  2. To become leading firm producing polyethylene bags in the state and also to give greater competition to the other competitors in India.
  3. To use modern technology of product in order to produce products of good quality through which greater market can be achieved.
  4. To meet the needs of the customers by providing timely services wherever they require.
  5. Fair deal to employees, development of human resources and job satisfaction.
  6. To fulfill obligations to see society by providing quality goods and providing employment.

02. Plastics

Plasrics means progress. After the later half of the twentieth century,plastic have become a standard indicator of a country, whether it is very wealthy, moderate, poor or very poor. Significantly where the GDP is high per captia plastic consumption also tends to be high. The growth rate of both takes almost the same upward curve in the highly developed and developing countries of the world. Plastic are the one of the most useful materials that we even ever created.

03. our mission

To supply cost effective, superior technologically , Eco friendly and top quality products to our customers at the most economical prices. To offer a pleasant working environment for workers. To serve our customers with a mutually beneficial business relationship…

04.our Vision

To be one of the manufacturer of quality products in the field of packaging materials through constant growth and innovation which will be achieved by putting every effort to ensure the growth of our customers.